About Us

A Mother’s Sanctuary was founded in 2014, by LaShonta Edwards in Houston, Texas. The purpose of the organization is to increase awareness amongst the public and medical community. We will target the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum. We will also acknowledge that Postpartum Depression not only affects the Mother but other members of the family as well. Did you know that approximately 15% of all women will experience postpartum depression following the birth of a child and up to 10% will experience depression or anxiety during pregnancy? Are you also aware that Postpartum Depression can affect partners too? This is why A Mother’s Sanctuary was founded, to raise awareness in the community.

Why We are Here

Year after year women and their families suffer from the impact of depression and hopelessness at a time when society says that their family should be experiencing the greatest joy of their lives. Maternal mental health issues are still shrouded often in darkness and shame. Who would believe that when a woman is expecting a child or is holding her new born child that she would not be over the moon with joy? Most women suffer for a short time. Others may take longer to recover; mainly because their symptoms are not properly diagnosed and treated.

In Houston and the greater Texas region, the numbers are staggering and the care for Moms is not addressed adequately. In Harris County; The Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute estimates that of the 70,284 births more than 55% of Mothers living at less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), mothers living at greater than or equal to 200% number 45% of the numbers experiencing PPD. The actual numbers report 12,827 – 14,408 women experiencing PPD. The same reports that these numbers are underestimated because many women diagnosed receive treatment are covered by Medicaid whose coverage ends 60 days after birth while PPD can happen any time within the first year after birth of a child.


A Mother’s Sanctuary is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a safe environment for women who are suffering from maternal mental health issues We promote awareness, prevention, and treatment of mental health issues related to pregnancy not only to the mothers, but to the family members and friends as well. Because most insurance companies do not cover perinatal and postpartum mental health care, it is our intent to continue to provide these services free of charge.